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          Hello! My name is George Stastny, and I'm an experienced, nationally published, and award winning street photographer (well, at least, that's what I prefer to photograph) based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I utilize digital and film, and mostly use Olympus cameras.

          My interest in this art form goes back to elementary school, where I took photography as an art class. My dad would lend me his Minox 35 EL, a tiny 35mm camera with a fixed 35mm F2.8 Minitar lens, to take to class where the teacher would give us a sealed bag with a film spool, a small length of 35mm film and some tape for us to put it all together. We'd pop it in our cameras and, at the end of class, burn an image on to a piece of photographic paper. The shots weren't anything spectacular, but the feeling of putting together, shooting, developing, and making prints from your own roll of film was the most fun I had at that school (the darkroom was "the place to be" for me).

          In my twenties I moved to Brazil. While there, I studied photography at Omicron Escola de Fotografia (Omicron Photography School) in Curitiba, Parana. It's at that school where I fell in love with street, documental, and  journalistic styles of photography, I especially took interest in black and white images. I was captivated by the stunning works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Jacob Riis, Sebastão Salgado, Josef Koudelka, Robert Capa, Bruce Davidson, and more! These photographers told some amazing stories about their subjects, their vision shaped with depth, shadows, highlights, dynamic lines, geometric shapes, and feeling that all come together in a pleasing way. And that is what I hope to do with my photography as well.

          As I mentioned above, I have been published a few times in PhotoLife magazine, including a small interview in the Oct/Nov 2018 issue about my experience with non-traditional lenses. Another, more in depth interview can be found in Street Photography Magazine. I also led a few outdoor workshops and photowalks, both independently and as a guest for meetup groups in Edmonton, including one sponsored by Ilford, and recently have  been fortunate enough to win a few awards from a couple of prestigious competitions: International Photography Awards, and Monovisions Photography Awards


         I have been observing the streets for some time now, and have captured many stories from Edmonton, Brazil, and Panama. I would like to share those stories with you! I hope you enjoy the trip.

- George G. Stastny

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